Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early morning shoot with the Voigtlander 125

I love this lens... ok... that felt good... let me say it again... I LOVE THIS LENS! *phew*

I had problems getting used to the minimum focusing distance - 38cm... its pretty long - which makes composition very challenging. Solution: PK-A extension tubes. Shortens the minimum focusing  distance to a more manageable distance, magnifies the subject and thanks to the PK-A contacts, passes the aperture information back to the camera so p-ttl still works :)

The challenges of using this lens are:

- Weight: its 600+ grams - double the weight of a D-FA100

- Focal Length: at 125mm, it works out to 35mm equivalent of 180 on an APS-C... its a little long for hand-held and when using it for macro, support is a must for me.

- Reputation: its a sharp lens. anyone who manages to screw up their shots with this lens can only have them-self to blame.





Who am I?

I could not get a positive ID of this fella... so if anyone knows what it is, appreciate if you could just drop me an msg :)




Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuff found near home

The things I can find at the park connector near my place never ceases to amaze me... Enjoy :)

#1 Weevil

#2 Jumping Spider

#3 Jumping Spider

#4 Jumping Spider

#5 Crab Spider

#6 Crab Spider

#7 Praying Mantis

Diary Farm Night Shoot

Katydid 1

Katydid 2

Long-Horned Beetle

Long-Horned Beetle with Mites 1

Long-Horned Beetle with Mites 2

Unknown Beetle 1

Unknown Beetle 2