Saturday, February 12, 2011

Focus-Stacking Experiment #2 - Lynx Spider

Not entirely convinced of internet wisdom so decided to try something else... 

While most experienced macro shooters seems to take the approach of stacking by moving the camera (i.e. with focus rails), and advises against using the focus ring to shift focus because (a) it changes the size of the image and (b) it changes the bokeh. these factors will complicate attempts to stack if not properly dealt with. 

But having researched further, it seems that these factors are more critical when stacking images at HIGH magnification - 3x, 4x, etc... seems that at 1:1, both approaches are possible and will yield similar results. 

Hence, i decided to try the focusing ring method today - yes, it can be done and its much easier too.

- Select and process all the pictures selected for processing:

- 8 files selected and stacked - final output:

Not bad eh?

K5, Voigtlander 125, AF160FC

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