Sunday, August 7, 2011

New lightweight setup: GXR + A12 50mm Macro F2.5

After spending a few months lugging a heavy DSLR setup for macro shoots, i got to the point where i wasn;t sure if there was a point to all that weight. 

SO enter the new lightweight setup =) the GXR + A12 50mm macro module.

The GXR system needs no introduction to enthusiasts. And oh, about all the terrible things they've said about the A12 AF speed - its mainly true - its terribly slow... but i've never used AF for macro before so it makes no difference to me. 

I just set the thing to MF, turn it to the min focusing distance, which gives 1:2 magnification.

My 8-legged friend dropped in to gimme a chance to test out the macro capabilities... some tweaking needed to improve the lighting but seriously, not bad at all...



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