Saturday, January 15, 2011

Outing to Admiralty Park

Met with some new friends to shoot macro this morning. Main subject was wolf spiders, which are quite easily found in the morning in their webs. 

Wolf spiders spin their webs in the grass, so its a potentially tiring and messy affair to take them... kneeling on the wet grass while waiting for the right moment. 

The dew drops on the web gives the shots a very unique feel =)




Other subjects found at AP:

#4 Lynx Spider

#5 Jumping Spider


  1. 125mm :) very special lens I happened to chance upon recently.

  2. planning to get my first macro len. My leaning towards the 100mm WR but like the size of the 35mm macro(?). what do u think?

  3. if u're going to shoot bugs, don't get the 35. its more for product shoots. minimum focusing distance is too short. u're practically touching the subject at 1:1 magnification.

    i have the 100mm WR. its a good lens. good build quality, lightweight, weather sealed, decent working distance. it allows u to stand further away and still achieve 1:1. more practical for shooting insects. you can't go wrong with it.

    i've heard good things about the tamron 90 as well. u might research and consider that as well.

  4. thx. 100WR it is. The WR part is important hence not considering tamron 90.