Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quick Shoot @ Sembawang

These are taken from near my place at Sembawang. 

Was feeling lazy so I just grabbed my camera, the TC and the DA35Ltd Macro for a quick, hand-held shoot - no tripod, no monopod, no flash-gun... just pop-up flash with diffuser.

Its not a setup i would likely use again... it reinforced my belief that the DA35Ltd is great for stuff that's not moving... like food... and flowers in a vase. 

#1 Ladybugs sharing a private moment

#2 Shield bug

#3 Assasin bug


  1. really like your site.. just wondering which lens would you recommend for macro shots like the bugs and all? the 100mm or 35mm or something else..

    Miri, Sarawak

  2. thanks for popping by. in my view, 100mm is good cos it gives u decent working distance. even 50mm is a little short for insect macro.

  3. Looking at your photos, i think we are probably interested on the same subjects. What would be your ideal lens collection?

  4. Depends what system u use i guess... any MF macro lens with 1:1 magnification and a decent focus-throw will do for me. i prefer old-style MF lenses.